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Peer Mentor Program/FRIENDS Tour Guide

The Peer Mentoring Program provides hands-on learning experiences within a social setting for typical teens and high functioning teens with special needs from ages 13 and up.  Implementing positive interactions between typical children and our special needs youth is a key component in building independence, compentency, leadership skills, and can ultimately promote long lasting friendships.   


Peer Mentoring takes place during our Summer Camp and Social Skills Programs. Selected peer mentors will be given tasks to complete on a daily basis and will be evaluated on their ability to complete various tasks and on how they demonstrate age-appropriate skills. 


Within highly structured classes, children with Autism are offered the same activities their social buddies enjoy with the core objective of improving communication and promoting social skills while learning about the world in which we live. Each class offered through our summer camp and social skills program utilizes teaching strategies and materials that reflect how children with Autism learn and process information. Fun activities are designed to develop critical social and day-to-day living skills while providing remediation in skill deficits. Peer Mentors will be paired with ABA trained staff to learn valuable techniques and methods which may enhance each child's summer camp experience.


Typical peers who have an interest in working with children with disabilities as a career are highly recommended to enroll in this program. Community Service hours will be recorded for students who must meet this requirement for high school graduation and letters of recommendation for scholarships and college entrance applications will also be provided upon request. Interested? Please visit our Join Our Team tab and apply today!

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